Tomato & Chilli Reduction Meatballs
Spanish Tortilla
Coconut chicken curry
Butternut & sweet potato soup
Spicy avocado, eggs & bacon
Chicken stack w/ cauliflower & guac
Sourdough eggs with sundried tomato
Sweet potato haddock fishcakes
Chicken, Avocado & egg salad
Special sticky glaze ribs
Steak, Shitake sauce and spuds
Stuffed cous cous pepper & feta
Perfect eggs and pasta with spring o
Healthy chicken and pickle salsa
Bacon & Kale omelette
Masala fish curry with cous cous
Red onion, Feta & broccoli tart
Lamb neck fillet with sweet potato
The perfect steak
Palmiers - Sweet & Savoury
The friendly breakfast!
Chilli schnitzel with sweet potato
Curried chicken peppers & sour cream
Turkey & chorizo schnitzel wraps
Sausage winter cassoulet
Satay chicken with pak choi
Butternut, chicken and sage pasta
Beef sandwhich with onion & chives
lemon chicken salad & fried corn
Jerk chicken & Spiced rice
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