Piri Piri Chicken & Chorizo Pie.

Leftover chicken.

Piri Piri Sauce or dry rub


1 x Large/Medium red onion
1 x large orange pepper

Plain Flour - 200g

2 x medium egg

desiccated coconut

rape seed oil or olive oil

Sweet potatoes

Plum tomatoes

Spinach & Watercress

Salt & pepper

The how to section..

Leftovers! the greatest gem there is when it comes to cooking. This is super simple and takes about 30 mins to do the whole lot, pastry and all. I serve this with a fresh yellow tomato salad and sweet potato wedges done super quick! Get your kettle on and your food processor at the ready if you have one!

Firstly get a whole red onion diced and in the pan on a medium heat, soften them but we dont need to brown them off.

chuck in some chorizo, 1/2 cm thick slices. let this cook away for a couple minutes. Add some black pepper.

Finely go in with some sweet orange peppers cut into slices, this will really help sweeten it up with the fieriness of the piri piri.

after everything is looking good and smelling great chuck in your piri piri sauce or seasoning, both works along with 300-400ml of boiling water and a chicken stock cube, add your left oven chicken here! Bring it to the boil and then drop the heat to let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Chuck 200 grams of plain flour in your food processor with 2 tablespoons of rape seed oil, 1 medium egg, pinch of salt and a handful of desiccated coconut. Whiz it up until it forms a sticky but flexible dough ... thats it! Put it in the fridge to chill for a bit whist we get some sweet potato wedges on.

Cut your sweet potato into wedges and then pop them on a plate. Top tip to cooking them quickly is to put a small dish with water on the same plate and cover with cling film. Whack this in the microwave for 6 minutes. Also get your oven on at 200 degrees.

Back to the dough! Make sure you flour the surface and then roll this out pretty thin, you dont need it thick at all as this will be doughy. it might look thin but we are trying to be 'slightly' healthy here.

now your chicken filling has been simmering away put it into little pie ramekins, you can add a little flour to thicken it if you like. Place your thin dough over the pies. You can tuck it in or place over the top of the dish and make a small hole for it to breathe! Dont forget to egg wash it also.

Get your sweet potato wedges on a tray and oil them up with a pinch of salt. Put both the pies and the sweet potato in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Finally make a simple diced tomato salad with some fresh spinach and water cress. Salt, lemon juice and olive oil on top to finish it off.

Pies and sweet potato out, dish up.

Tuck in!.


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