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Sourdough toast with  eggs, bacon and sundried tomato & basil salsa

This is a really simple and quick breakfast or brunch i make on the weekends or during the week. Its tasty and full of good fats and protein.

Prep time:- 5 Minutes

Cook time:- 5 Minutes

Chef Level:- Pot Washer

The how to section..

2 x Large free range eggs

2 x Slice of fresh sourdough

Basil leaves

Garlic salt

Jarred sun-dried tomatoes

4 x Smoked streaky bacon

Salt & pepper

Truffle oil/Olive oil


This one is a really easy one! 

Slice up your sour dough and pop it in the toaster or on a griddle pan, dont toast it yet though!

Finely chop your sun-dried tomatoes and put mix them in a small bowl with a few basil leaves, 1/2 tspn garlic salt and pinch of black pepper.

Get a pan and on full heat and get some water to the boil.

Grab a frying pan for your bacon and set on a medium heat with a dash of oil.

Carefully pop your eggs into the water once its reached the boil and then pop your bacon onto the hot frying pan.

Cook both of these for 4 1/2 minutes and remove the bacon to some paper to drain the fat and the eggs into cold water.

Get your toast on! Griddle or in the toaster either way!

Peel your eggs whilst you wait for your toast, now we are ready to plate up.

Get the toast down, cover it with bacon. Pop your eggs on top and slice half way through to reveal a perfect runny middle. Whack your salsa on top. Finally drizzle with some olive oil or to my taste ... some truffle oil!


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