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Spicy avocado, eggs and bacon

This simple breakfast/brunch dish is healthy and tastes delicious. I have this most weekends as its so easy to make and tastes guilty but gives you what you need in the morning; protein and fats! You can add as you like and change your spice levels.

Prep Time:- 5 Minutes

Cook time:- 5 Minutes

Chef Level:- Pot Washer

The how to section..

2 x large/medium free range eggs

2 x Rashers of smoked bacon

1 ripe avocado

1 fresh chilli (green or red)

Salt & pepper

1 roll of sour dough or any bread!

1/2 tspn Garlic salt

Olive oil

Optional:- Feta Cheese, Sun dried tomato


















Another easy simple dish, lets get started by getting your kettle full and on straight away. Get a medium pan ready and a non-stick frying pan.

Scoop your flesh out your avocado into a bowl and add salt, pepper (season to your taste). Add your garlic salt, diced fresh chilli and olive oil. I also like to add chopped up sun-dried tomato and feta in with my avocado its super tasty! Stir this up until you have a lumpy texture or smooth it out to how you like it.

Fill up your pan with your boiled water and get it on the boil full whack. Get your frying pan on a medium heat and when its hot, add a dash of oil.

Carefully place your eggs into the pan and let them cook for 4:30 minutes. Dont leave them in any longer, otherwise your perfect eggs will be ruined!

Whilst the eggs are boiling get your bacon into the pan turning occasionally until cooked through or alternatively however you like it. Were all different, leave them on kitchen paper/towel to drain away the oil.

Once your eggs are done dunk them straight into cold water. Whilst these are resting, slice your roll/bread in half and pop it into the toaster.

Once your toast is ready spread your avocado on. Get your eggs out crack them open, remove the shell and slice them in half. You should have a gooey middle with the slightest stiffness and they will melt in your mouth! Get these on top of your avocado.

Top with your cooked bacon. Drizzle with mayonnaise or whatever condiments you feel fits! EASY!

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