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Tomato & Chilli reduction meatballs

Easy sun dried (or normal) tomato, basil and chilli sauce reduction with home made meatballs, on top of fresh pasta (i didnt do this from scratch, sorry!) soaked in butter and fresh chives garnished with fresh basil

Prep Time :- 15 Minutes

Cook time :- 35 Minutes

Chef Level :- Easy as pie

The how to section..

1 x 500G Mince Beef

1 x Free Range Egg

1 x Beef stock cube

Tomato Puree


1 x 400G tin tomatoes

(add sun-dried tomatoes if you want extra depth)

1 x Large red onion

Fresh Spaghetti (or packet)

2 x Garlic Cloves

1 x Fresh Chilli

Chilli powder

Smoked paprika

Salt & Pepper

Fresh or dried basil

30G Parmesan Cheese


30G Butter

Fresh Chives







The Thick, Rich Reduction

Get a small pan on a medium heat and dice half the onion and get it in the pan with a little olive oil.


Once softened add 1 tspn Paprika, Dried Basil and the chilli powder is down to you. I suggest half of 1 tspn

Crush one clove of garlic and then add your tin tomatoes. If you want extra rich depth i would add some sun dried tomato as they really change the dish. Finally season to taste,pop in some fresh basil leaves & plenty of black pepper!

Now bring to the boil then drop it down to simmer for the duration of making the rest of the dish. It will get rich and thick and the taste will intensify. Do not worry about how long as you cant really go wrong!

The meat balls! 

Pre heat an over to 180/160 Fan

Grab your mince beef, i use the lean beef mince at 5% as you do not need to drain out all the fat whilst cooking them up.

Get your mince In a bowl and mix the other half of diced red onion along with the beef stock cube, 1 tbspn tomato puree, 1 crushed garlic clove, salt & pepper, 1 diced fresh chilli and to bind, the egg. Time to get your hands in and smash it together. 

Once done its time to roll them, i put a little water on my hand to assist rolling but its fine either way. I like my meatballs golfball sized but this part is up to you!

Brown the meatballs in a pan on a medium/high heat (remove fat if needed) and then into the oven (180/160 fan) for 10 minutes. Then take out and leave to rest covered with foil.

The Pasta

Everyone is aware of cooking pasta, fresh is tastier and cooks in 5 minutes or so. Get your kettle on now!

Get a pan on a high heat, fill with hot water, season with sea/salt and olive oil.

Add your pasta and cook according to guidelines on your packet.

Once cooked drain out the water, leaving a small drop. Put it back on a low heat and mix in your butter and chives. Lovely!

The Plate up

Get a plate and pop your creamy pasta on, followed by your juicy meatballs then spoon over your thick, rich tomato and chilli sauce. Too finish garnish with grated parmesan and fresh basil leaves.

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