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Hey everyone, my name is Gary Collins, a 26 year old hobby chef from Enfield, North London. Firstly if you are reading this i want to thank you for taking the time to have a look around my website and hopefully appreciate my love for food. This site was created by myself to help people cook fresh, healthy food and enjoy doing it along the way, without breaking the bank.

By day i am the Technology Manager for venturethree, a branding agency in south London. This is a time consuming job which i love being part of. I am an avid gym goer, football player and adventurer.. Oh and i love spending time with my friends (especially down the boozer) However this has not destroyed my passion for creating fresh, healthy and affordable meals for me and my friends. Cooking is not a chore and it can be quicker then you think and a lot healthier then eating out!


I am not a trained or qualified chef but i have spent the last 4/5 years watching lots of programs and reading books, blogs and recipes to get a better grip on food and how to make it exciting, proves anyone can do it right?


Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnly-Whitingstall are my two inspirations along with others like Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and James Martin, the list could go on. These guys have shown me how to keep flavours and dishes simplified whilst helping me teach my palette to learn and recognise spices and herbs better. This is my version of what i think good food is. All my recipes are inspired by these guys and i want to thank them for doing so!

Feel free to try my recipes and leave your feedback. send me a message!

Last of all, enjoy yourself!


Gary Collins



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